4-Hour Initial HIV/AIDS Course

Course is required for anyone:
• Transferring an out-of-state cosmetology license to Florida.
• Seeking a Florida cosmetology license by endorsement.
• Reinstating their null and void license.
• Seeking a Florida cosmetology license by examination.

If you want to take your initial 4-hour HIV/AIDS course online, you can do so. Use a desktop, a phone, or a tablet to take your class. Complete your course requirements online whenever it suits you, day or night, around the clock.

The Florida Board of Cosmetology has approved of our program.

You can check out our Board approval letters here and review them.

All of the hours and subjects demanded by the Florida Board of Cosmetology are covered in the 4-hour course. As a result, when you finish your course, you will have met all course requirements and be qualified to apply for a Florida license.

Topics covered in our course include:
• What is HIV?
• Stages and Symptoms of HIV
• HIV Testing Types
• Modes of Transmission of HIV
• Infection Control Procedures
• Prevention of HIV and AIDS
• Clinical Management
• Attitudes Towards HIV and AIDS
• Guidelines for Proper Attitude
• Legal Requirements
• Other Communicable Diseases
• Additional Resources for the HIV-positive Patient or AIDS Patient